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2018 Hedges CMS Cabernet Blend Columbia Valley

2018 Hedges CMS Cabernet Blend Columbia Valley


This Cabernet has a mix of intense fruit, dark cocoa, vanilla, dried herbs and tobacco which is very classic Cabernet, but the addition of Syrah and Merlot gives a softness and smoothness to the palate. This wine can stand up to a serious meal. Pair with red meat, lamb or rich pastas. 76% Cabernet Sauvignon, 16% Syrah, 8% Merlot

About the Winery:

Tending to the riches of the Red Mountain AVA with a visionary blend of biodynamic farming and time-honored winemaking techniques, Hedges Family Estate lends an ear to the earth and a voice to the vines, dedicated to letting the land speak.