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Savage Grace Red Willow Vineyard Blanc Franc 2018


Coming from one of the area's premier vineyards, this is a one-of-a-kind wine in the state: a white Cabernet Franc, whole cluster pressed and aged in stainless-steel tanks for six months. After starting out a touch reduced, aromas of spicy herb, whole green pepper and citrus lead to medium bodied, layered, acid-driven flavors. It's a knee buckler, with white wine acidity but the body of a lighter red.  

About the Winery:

Savage Grace Wines was established in 2011 by owner-wine-maker Michael Savage, with a vintage of Cabernet Franc. His vision is to make Old World style lower-alcohol, balanced, and expressive wines. He is continuing to deepen his core understanding of all stages in the vinification process, to put his philosophy of low-intervention winemaking into practice, where the grape, vineyard and vintage form a unique balance.

SAVAGE” – echoes the struggle of the grape to withstand the stress of ripening, along with making wine that is true to the grape, site, and vintage.

GRACE” – also his wife’s name, is symbolizing what he hopes to achieve as the end result a wine that is delicate, balanced, approachable yet expressive.